Instructions for use

Instructions for use (en)


Batteries account for 95% of operating problems.


-          Check that the batteries are new and that the expiry date has not been exceeded.

-          Check that the batteries are correct in AAA (LR03 – small format) and non-AA (LR06). It is specified on the remote control in the battery compartment.

-          Do not use rechargeable batteries or batteries because they operate at a different voltage and many controls do not support them, which can cause malfunction or even malfunction.

-          Please use alkaline batteries.

-          Respect the polarity of the batteries, it is important to always have the flat part or negative pole playing with the spring, and the positive part or with the nipple playing with the flat part in sheet metal.

-          If you put the batteries wrong, they will discharge in seconds or minutes, this causes overheating, you need to use new batteries.

-          Check that the negative pole and the positive pole are playing with one spring and the other plate, if the batteries are a little bent or if the nipple does not make contact with the flat plate the control will not work.



The remote is working, but not responding as expected.


-          Maybe the remote is working, and the TV is responding, but not in the way you want, so we ask you to check the following points.

o   First, take the previous remote if you have it and remove the batteries (in many cases, this defective remote does not control and interferes with the new remote).

o   If the remote is transmitting without pressing a button, it may have a key pressed. To solve this problem, simply reset all the buttons on the remote control, making sure none of the buttons are pressed.

o   The remote responds, but the function does not match the button, for example, you increase the volume and change the channel. This can happen in two circumstances: first, the remote is not the right one, so we ask you to check point 4, and second, that the remote is wet or that the water has fallen on the buttons so that it shorts out and malfunctions.

o   The remote control already has time and some buttons (usually the most used) do not answer correctly or do not answer anymore. The remote control being a mechanical part has wear, if the use of the remote control is very intensive or already has a lot of time, Maybe the contacts of the buttons are worn out so you will have to acquire a new remote control, because this problem has no repair.


The remote doesn’t work.


In order to be able to provide you with better compatibility, we upgrade the configuration of the remote control on TV, SAT, DVD and AUX modes.

For example, you can order a CGV Etimo-1T remote control for Satellite.
We will make the configuration as follows:

TV à CGV Etimo-1T2

SAT à CGV Etimo-1T

DVD à CGV Etimo-2T

AUX à CGV Etimo-250i


- So if at the time of purchase you have entered a typing error you will have the maximum probability for your remote to work.

1.      Place the remote in front of your device and press the TV button (red LED lights up to confirm mode)

2.      You can press another button like POWER, the chain number, volume…to see if the remote is responding on the screen.

3.      If this does not work, press the SAT button (red LED lights up to confirm mode) then follow step 2

4.      If this does not work, press the DVD button (red LED lights up to confirm mode) then follow step 2

5.      If this does not work, press the AUX button (red LED lights up to confirm mode) then follow step 2

If you have checked all these points, your remote control acquired in our store does not work properly, please contact us.

You can contact us by one of these methods:


-          Messaging from the marketplace used (Ebay, Amazon, Cdiscount, etc.)

-          Contact Us tab from

-          By e-mail :




Replacement remote controls are remote controls that perform each of the functions of the original remote control, but can do so with a different combination of keys than the original remote control. They are ready to be used without having to do anything, they do not need to be programmed or put codes manually. For boxes in which an original control can be used for other types of devices (DVD, VCR, SAT, etc.) of the same brand, only the functions of the main remote control are guaranteed in the replacement remote control. The main remote control refers to a remote control that controls the functions of the device it accompanied at the time of purchase.